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Electricians Deagon for Commercial work

Twintech Electrical are commercial electricians offering services to the operators of warehouses, offices, data centres, sports facilities, retail premises and other public spaces near Deagon.


  • General electrical repairs and maintenance
  • Connection or reconnection of your power
  • New electrical fit-outs and installations
  • Refrigeration/Air-conditioning electricity supply
  • Cost-effective lighting for larger spaces
  • New installs / communications cabling upgrades
  • New installs / data cabling upgrades
  • Connections and maintenance for Communications and Optic fibre installations

Deagon Industrial Electricians

Industrial electricians servicing the construction, mining and manufacturing industries near Deagon.


  • Electrical repairs for general work
  • Power reconnection or connection
  • New fit-outs and electrical installations
  • Lighting for larger spaces which is cost-effective
  • Upgrades for communications cabling / new installs
  • Data cabling upgrades / new installs
  • Safety systems, machinery control and automation

Deagon Domestic Electricians

Servicing Deagon homeowners, the rental maintenance market and residential developers are Domestic Electricians near Deagon.


  • Repairs for general electrical work
  • Power connection or reconnection
  • New electrical fit-outs and installations
  • Replacement of White goods
  • We can source specific light fittings for you
  • Consultations in your home

Deagon Shops and Cafe Electricians

Preparing a new retail tenancy can be a hassle without professional electricians who have a track record. Twintech Electrical are local to Deagon and appreciate the challenges and are known for working closely with rental agencies, landlords and business owners to smooth the electrical fitout of new retail shops and cafes.

Aged Care Electricians and Schools Electricians Deagon.

Twintech Electrical approach maintenance and electrical repairs for Deagon with maximum empathy for the special needs of the young and old. Kindergartens, schools, colleges, aged care facilities with care. Our extra efforts have rewarded us a great clientele in and around Deagon.

Offices And Medical Clinic Electricians Deagon

Providing perfect electrical supply in highly detailed and sometimes changing electricity needs in professional work spaces. For a surgery, medical clinic or office to run smoothly, electrical needs require continuous high quality power for specialist expensive equipment.

Electricians for Services Clubs Deagon

At Twintech Electrical, we know that RSLs and Service Clubs have very particular lighting and power needs. Wasteful and expensive specifications should not come at a cost. Working with renovators, builders and project managers, Twintech has the flexibility to integrate electrical needs with expansion and renovation plans for your project in Deagon.

Deagon All Weather Electricians

For all weather electrical 24/7, Twintech have developed the specialist knowledge required for this work. For your business in Deagon, call on Twintech, knowing that the backup service required for service stations, car washes and other businesses exposed to the elements will be there to support problems that might arise unexpectedly.

Deagon General Commercial Electricians

As electricians in Brisbane our knowledge and expertise for powering warehouses, factories and distributions centres is second to none. Poorly planned power outages in the busy commercial space could disrupt operations, frustrate clients and possibly lead to ruin. For your electrical continuity needs, call the experts at Twintech Electrical in Deagon.

Call 1300 650 727 and ask for Managing Director Josh, who will promptly answer your questions.

Deagon Electrical Work History

As local electricians in Deagon, we are nearby and ready to serve your electrical need, be it emergency, installation or maintenance. Here is a selection of work we have completed in your suburb.

Street Job Type Year Treated
Racecourse Road Aged care electrical 2018
Racecourse Road Aged care electrical 2018
Racecourse Road Aged care electrical 2018
Bowen Street Commercial Electrical 2018
Kift Street LED lighting installation 2018
Racecourse Road Aged care electrical 2018
Racecourse Road Aged care electrical 2018
Racecourse Road Aged care electrical 2018
Racecourse Road Aged care electrical 2018
Racecourse Road Aged care electrical 2018

Some information and key retail businesses in Deagon

Deagon is one of the outer suburbs in the City of Brisbane. Home to more than 3,000 people, the suburb of Deagon is located approximately 16 kilometres north of the Brisbane central business district.

In the suburb of Deagon, there is a popular cafe along Braun St called the Sheeno's Tailor Made Coffee. This cafe serves Cleanskin coffee every 5 in the morning up to 12 in the afternoon. People and some students usually spend their free time here because of the great espresso with great music.

Cafe Deagon, one of the suburbs popular restaurants, is best known for their all-day breakfasts, lunches and home-cooked meals.

Another popular restaurant in the suburb of Deagon is the Red Rooster located also on Braun St. This restaurant is known to have the tastiest, fresh and tender roasted chicken in the country. They also have burgers, chips and salads served in an established counter-serve chain.

The popular department store in Australia, The Reject Shop, is also present in the suburb of Deagon. The Reject Shop is located inside the Deagon Market Square along Braun St.

For bookworms, there is also a book store within the suburb called Book Shack. This book store sells used books in different genres at a very affordable price.

The suburb of Deagon contains lots of businesses and commercial establishments. For electrical services for your building in Deagon, contact Twintech Electrical. You can reach them via phone on 1300 650 727, or visit them in their office at 11/254 S Pine Rd, Enoggera.

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